… Is the top story at the Village Voice‘s music blog right now. (If you’re confused, see here. And here’s a screenshot for posterity.)

2. Chuck D. He fought the power, and now he has none. But he can still fell a thousand men with a distant death stare, which should land him a supporting slot on Toby Keith’s east coast tour.

This story, and more importantly this type of story, popping up on the usually thought-out (even in jest) Sound of the City blog is due not only to Maura Johnston’s departure, but also to a changeover we weren’t aware of which happened a couple of weeks ago. From The Raw Story:

So who’s left? Well, LA Weekly‘s much-maligned music editor Ben Westoff was reportedly put in charge of the entire Village Voice Media’s music coverage just after Labor Day.

You know, the author of articles like “Five More Girls Who Look Like Skrillex,” “Interview With a Raver Who Wears Electrical Tape on Her Boobs,” and the furore-inciting “Top 20 Worst Hipster Bands.” And so: Nelly should go country. If there’s any music writers out there who dreamed of one day writing some great think piece or groundbreaking interview for the Village Voice, maybe shoot for Altered Zones instead. Er, SPIN. Or whatever. One last thought from departing editor Johnston, from her Twitter feed:

stupid/trolly/ill-informed clickbait is a cancer of this era. you can help stop its spread by not rewarding it for existing.

The end?

Village Voice Music Editor and Editor-in-Chief Say Farewell…

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