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Week six of Top Chef: Just Desserts finds the chefs facing the savory/sweet challenge. A wrench is thrown into the works though when Ad-Rock from Beastie Boys shows up to infuse a bit of sampling into their creations. Keep reading to find out who impressed Ad-Rock and who was sent packing.

The Challenge
For the main challenge, Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys shows up. The chefs are excited until Top Chef: Just Desserts judge Gail Simmons tells them they must create a dessert using ingredients pulled from Beastie Boys’ songs, which includes items like chicken, bacon and pork and beans. Each chef must pick two crazy ingredients from the Beastie Boys’ pantry to use in their dessert, which will be presented at a street art fair. After they choose ingredients for themselves, Gail tells them to choose one more item, but for another chef, or as Ad-Rock so aptly calls it – Sabotage.

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