After spending years battling mental illness, 58 year-old Adam Ant, who was one of the UK’s biggest stars in the early ’80s, is releasing his first album in 17 years, called Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter. No, that’s seriously what it’s called. Via Stop the Presses:

Reviews in the UK press for Blueblack Hussar… have been mixed. The Independent gave it four out of five stars, opining that the album is “sprawling, overdue and not for everyone, but at least it’s not a play-it-safe comeback with the hot producer of the day. And for that, the Hussar should be saluted.” A less pleased Contactmusic.com wrote that “17 tracks really is too long, particularly when those tracks are largely an uncoordinated mish mash of lo-fi punk throwback, drippy acoustic balladry, Casio keyboard industrial music interpretations and spaghetti western guitars.”

In a three-star review, the Guardian said, “The 17 tracks offer a rickety but entertaining mix of the best elements of his imperial period: tribal glam stomps, razor-slashed T Rex guitars, two-drummer Glitter beats, knowing homages to cult icons (Vince Taylor and Vivienne Westwood) and sex… While nothing quite reaches the dizzy heights of 'Antmusic,’ ‘Shrink’–a perhaps autobiographical romp about a man who needs medication to feel normal–is as riotous as he’s sounded in three decades.”

It’s worth mentioning that Ant has also taken to dressing like Johnny Depp in the Pirates movies.

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