It’s funny how even with the advent of online ticket-buying, the process is essentially the same. Except now we have to wait in online queues, angrily cursing at all of our technological resources as they fail to get us closer to those sought-after tickets. What if that changed? What if it were actually some sort of lottery system that would determine which tickets you would ultimately receive. Sounds tempting, but will it actually catch on? Via The LA Times:

AEG’s solution is a program it’s calling Fair AXS. Although it has not yet been implemented on AEG’s 18-month old ticketing site, the pitch is simple: turn the on-sale into more of a lottery system.

Fair AXS will allow fans to sign up to purchase tickets up to a week in advance of the on-sale date. Customers can select up to three sections in which they would like to sit, and tickets will be purchased in advance via a lottery system. If tickets remain, there will be a general on-sale.

But for the clients that don’t view the system as broken, there’s little incentive to switch over from Ticketmaster.

In a statement provided to The Times from Ticketmaster, the company noted that its renewal rate with venues is essentially perfect, and that Ticketmaster will still handle two of the three sports teams that call Staples Center home.

“We look forward to continuing to serve the Lakers and Clippers at the Staples Center and all of our other Los Angeles based clients,” read a Ticketmaster statement. “L.A.'s fans will still be able to tag themselves into their own seats, manage their season tickets and purchase tickets through Ticketmaster online and mobile apps.”

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