AllHipHop has written a touching, if slightly awkwardly written, endorsement of Barack Obama in next week’s election. Via AllHipHop:

During his first term, the Commander-in-Chief has presented the United States with much-needed, resolute leadership, and has subsequently accomplished a string of successes, economically, socially, and internationally as well. Without question, there is much work to be done, but Obama has been able to stabilize the nation despite the GOP’s policy to overtly, consciously block just about every forward-thinking move the president has attempted since taking office.

First, most people understood that Obama was going to need eight years to make true change happen in America. The previous eight were catastrophic to American quality of life and morale, all the way down to the international perception of our nation. Obama has been a great ambassador of the people, and he has restored honor to the presidency. He managed to end the War in Iraq, which he opposed from the very start. He also ended the terrorist reign of Osama Bin Laden, which was a priority for America.

Does anyone else feel like this was written by a high school sophomore?

Still, quality of the prose be damned, if AllHipHop can get their readers out and voting, we don’t care if they do it in text message shorthand.

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