Andrew Weatherall has been around long enough to truly earn that does-whatever-he-wants credo. His DJ sets are eclectic and wondrous, never deviating from what puts Weatherall in the mood at the moment. His new project, The Asphodells is no different. Weatherall indulges in his passion and quirks alike. Via Louder Than War:

I could make a track purely with a computer and that would probably sound all right. I don’t know if it’s a placebo but unless I take it out of a computer and put the track through analogue equipment it doesn’t really exist for me. It doesn’t have an actuality for me, it’s just a file in the computer but if I take it out and put it through tape saturation or an analogue compressor it feels better. Maybe it’s an analogue placebo and it doesn’t sound any different than if it had been through a computer but to me it feels like I’m doing something to give it life rather than just being a file in the computer.

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