It’s amazing after all these years that Andrew W.K. is still awesome. What’s even more perplexing is that he continues to up his awesome quotient, like when he played this MIDI keyboard hooked up to David Blaine’s giant tesla coils. The master of ceremonies has accomplished what so many men have never realized in their lifetime: playing a million volt solo on another human being’s body. Just awesome. Via Noisey:

There are no speakers, and the tones are produced by the spark of the tesla coils as controlled by Ultrabook computers onsite and worldwide. They’ve also rigged up a midi keyboard upon which AWK hammered producing his classic anthem, “Party Hard,” as well as riffing on “Free Bird,” much to the crowd and Blaine’s delight. After the performance Andrew W.K. described the experience as “the partyest thing [he’s] ever done.” And vowed to travel around the world “partying harder than ever.”

“The partyest thing [he’s] ever done”? The partyest thing we’ve ever done is read that quote. Watch the shocking (wink) performance below.

And, of course, Andrew W.K. in all of his interview glory.

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