“Have you ever noticed?
When you are drinking a good coffee or listening to intense music, very often you tend to close your eyes.
To savour every instant of this small pleasure to the maximum.

This love for taste is where all the traditions of Italian melody blend together with Lavazza coffee. This relationship is confirmed by the good-humoured approach which is typical of Italians and recognised the world over.

That is why we have invited one of the most sophisticated voices on the international stage, Antony and we asked him to reinterpret a classic like “Nessun Dorma”.

As a tribute to the Lavazza brand values, Antony decided to record the track in Italian. He has transformed an operatic classic into a modern, enigmatic and intimate song.

The result is a piece of music to be savoured in one breath or at leisure.”

Hear Antony’s Coffee Song Here:

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