Update: Ars Technica has a hands-on report of all the new gadgets:

We went hands-on with Apple’s new iPhone 5, iPod touch, and iPod nano following Tuesday’s special media event, and all three devices come off as much faster than their predecessors. Let’s start with the iPhone 5.

Update: The Onion lists some of the features of the new iPhone/effectively everyone’s iPod:

• Adjustable hand-strap

Update: Foo Fighters went MTV Unplugged:

(Top photo via Wired.) First: iTunes updates, from The Verge‘s excellent coverage:

In addition to all of the new enhancements to the iTunes App Store on the iPhone and iPad that we saw back in June, the iTunes desktop app for Mac and PC is getting a visual makeover that brings it more in line with the mobile versions. The app features a new edge-to-edge design with more visual cues for albums. Albums can be clicked on and expanded in place to see details — not unlike how folders are handled in iOS or the Launchpad in OS X Mountain Lion — and it is now possible to browse the library by artist.

iPods?! Both the Nano and Touch were updated. Photo via The Verge:

And finally, an update to their shitty earbuds, now called Earpods:

It might not be the biggest iPhone 5 update, or the one you’re the most excited for, but it’s probably the one that was the longest time coming. Hopefully they’ll justify their weird look by being better than their predecessors; that seems like it should be an easily achievable goal.

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