Other companies are set to benefit from Ping, including Live Nation Entertainment Inc., which powers the concert listings of the new Ping music discovery tool. CEO Michael Rapino said in a statement he was “thrilled” to take part in the plan, which he said will help sell tickets through LiveNation.com and Ticketmaster.com.

Ticket News:

“See when artists are playing near you and see who else will be in the audience, too. Then click to buy tickets from Live Nation,” Apple states in a promotional ad on its Web site.

The partnership is a potential boon to Live Nation by exposing its concert tickets to millions of music lovers. Live Nation has seen concert ticket sales slump in 2010.

Terms of the partnership were not disclosed…

Earlier in the year, Apple reportedly sought to patent an event ticketing system through its iTunes store. The paperless ticketing system was temporarily called “Concert Ticket +” and would allow fans to buy tickets via an iPhone app and/or through iTunes. The status of the patent application is unknown.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think CEO Steve Jobs left that part out of his keynote, although the official press release does mention Live Nation briefly, indicating only that the company will be providing tour info for Concert pages….In 2009, the company said it sold a grand total of 140 million tickets, promoted 21,000 concerts, partnered with 850 sponsors and averaged 25 million unique monthly users of its e-commerce sites.


With 160 million users, iTunes is not far from Twitter (which has around 190 million visitors) and growing at the rate of seven million users a month, a rate of growth that is set to increase dramatically as Apple adds more territories to its realm.

Detorit Stand-up:

I bought three $10 tickets for a concert and the bill, plus Ticketmaster’s fees, came to $60, or exactly twice the amount of the tickets alone. My memory is blurred by frustration and impotent rage, but I swear to God they charged me a fee just for charging a fee. “Well, you see, it costs us money to charge you so many fees, so that $2.75 covers the cost of feeing you. In other words, we have to charge you to charge you.”

With (much) cheaper—and easier to use—alternatives like Brown Paper Tickets, this could happen. Unfortunately, as long as Clear Channel and Live Nation still lord over us like The Evil Entertainment Empire, this is about as likely as a reduction in Ticketmaster’s assfucking (oh, excuse me: “convenience”) fees.

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