50 Cent has come out and said that Dr. Dre’s incredibly long awaited Detox album may wind up just being an EP. Via Hip-Hop DX:

“I don’t if [Dr. Dre]‘s even excited to do [Detox] now,” he said. “He’s successful with Jimmy [Iovine] with Beats [Headphones], so I’m not sure if he’s pressed [to release it]. I know that when I did [see him] last when I was in Los Angeles, he was actually in the studio working on something else. I’m not sure if he’s going to actually release a full CD or if he wants to just release the music that he’s comfortable with – he might do an EP or something.”

Really? The longest-awaited, most-pushed back record in hip-hop history – the rap game Chinese Democracy, if you will – is going to come out as a fucking EP? Please, please tell us 50 is misguided here.

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