Miami New Times:

‚ÄčArt Basel Miami Beach is a horrible, crippling beast. It stands, hovering over the first week of December, forcing free drinks down your throat, making you listen to terrible music and look at bad art.

Sometimes, though, every once in a while, it takes a step back and shows you the light, something that expands your perspective on art and life, gives you a tasty drink, and lets you enjoy a moment of quality music-making.

The other nice thing Basel does is bring celebrities into town. Not that celebrities are good or nice or worth anything special. But they’re fun to look at and point at and gossip about.

Last night, P. Diddy and Naomi Campbell hit up Design Miami’s opening night. Who cares, right? But it’s sort of neat. Don’t lie, you want to see Puff Daddy.

Definitely, you will find the art elite breakfasting at the Rubell Family Collection, but you’ll have to go elsewhere to peep celebs of the lower-brow ilk. Here are a few suggestions for your Baseling pleasure!

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