Asher Roth Apologizes:

As of late, statements I’ve made have been stirring up much controversy and speculation. It is in my best interest that I feel I should address these instances personally and specifically. Truth: I am 23 year old imperfect human being who’s world is drastically changing around him. Facebook is no longer for just me and my friends. Twitter is no longer solely for the watchful eye of my parents. A new responsibility and voice has been placed upon me and is being heard well beyond my immediate peers. I’ve been receiving a crash course on perspectives and a very real sensitivity that exists and is an essential part of our world. With that, I’d like to sincerely apologize for any words that have been misinterpreted and may have offended any man, woman or child.

Previously, on XXL:

A guy like Asher Roth, who’s both famous and hated precisely because he’s white, repeating one of the most notorious racial gaffes evar seemed almost too obvious. It was one of those posts that pretty much wrote itself, except there wasn’t really any writing involved.

It’s a good thing I caught it when I did. I screencapped that shit, posted it, then checked Asher’s Twitter (no fishsticks) to see if there’d been any further developments, and I noticed it was gone, replaced by a couple of different apologies – one to his manager, who must not have access to Roth’s Twitter (I bet a lot of TIs are gonna be hitting artists up demanding passwords behind this), and one to any nappy headed hoes who might have been offended.

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