The formation of a new advocacy and lobbying group focusing on producers of electronic music was announced today at MIDEM. The Association for Electronic Music or AFEM will be spearheaded by “London-based Ben Turner, a partner in the International Music Summit, and Washington-based entertainment industry biz attorney Kurosh Nasseri.” Nile Rodgers of Chic will act as an AFEM ambassador with many more to be announced later. In addition to Rodgers as ambassador, AFEM’s board features some of EDM’s biggest players, assuring the organization’s legitimacy in the eyes of the music industry. Via Billboard:

Also, a cadre of notable EDM personnel have taken positions on the board of advisors, including James Barton, recently appointed president of Electronic Music, Live Nation; Patrick Moxey, Ultra Music founder and President of Electronic Music for Sony Music, and Tom Windish, founder of the Windish Agency.

Ben Turner explains AFEM’s mission:

“Everyone involved in this genre has been told DJing isn’t real music, a real genre. Now it’s one of the most important genres in a world,” Turner says. “But still we’re treated as a genre that’s not quite as valid as guitar music. Whilst we’re in this huge growth period, we need to work together to protect our genre. We’ve seen implosions, and we don’t want it to happen again.”

One of AFEM’s first moves is to collect comprehensive data to better represent electronic music’s clout on a global level.

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