Internationally-renown Jazz pianist Austin Peralta already possessed so much in the way of innovation at the age of 22. The son of a skateboard legend and an artist on LA’s illustrious Brainfeeder label helmed by Flying Lotus, Peralta had barely released his critically-acclaimed album, Endless Planets, the previous year when he tragically passed away on November 21st, 2012. LA Weekly takes a look at his trailblazing path to recognition in the Jazz world and the profound impact he left on his peers, including Flying Lotus.

“He never had the opportunity to do that, but he also never had the opportunity to turn into an old man and nobody gives a fuck what you are doing. He got to go out being like all these people he looked up to. What the fuck — you got to leave like a fucking legend, Austin. I’m too old already to leave like a legend. He got to go out like Bird. He got to really go for it.”

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