The Daily Beast has looked into the well-covered topic of the Chief Keef-Lil JoJo beef and pointed a big finger at Interscope Records for what The Daily Beast terms their greed as relates to the situation in Chicago. They begin:

Here was a killing that might very well not have been were it not for the serendipitous fame-making powers of the Internet. That, and what appears to be the heedless greed of a big-time recording company, Interscope Records.

And continue…

A number of recording companies are said to have approached Keef, unperturbed by the gang-related lyrics and images at a time when the rising murder rate in Chicago was getting national attention. He decided on Interscope, reportedly signing a contract for $3 million plus a bio pic.

“[Interscope] was talking good to me,” he was quoted telling MTV’s RapFix. “They was talking like I was talking and I liked that.”

Although a comment from Keef’s grandma questions the entire thing… is it just so much playacting?

Keef’s grandmother, 63-year-old Margaret Carter, an upstanding school bus driver, insisted to me that her grandson was interested in “shopping and girls,” not gangs.

“If he doing gangbanging, he is very, very good at hiding it from me,” she said.

For more context on the current Chicago scene, we recommend reading Eric Ducker’s recent ‘Rational Conversation’ with Andrew Barber of encyclopedic Chicago rap think tank Fake Shore Drive. Bonus: it’s less of a bummer. Additionally, Jon Caramanica’s piece on the changing scene from this past Thursday is a must-read.


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