So, Azealia Banks is feuding with Baauer over her remix of his viral hit “Harlem Shake,” but we don’t really care. We just want this whole thing to be over with already. Kudos to Baauer, he’s a rising star and one of the principal trap producers that are making the rightful jump into the mainstream. That’s not to say we necessarily like the song, but if it has to exist, then pop music is the place. Via Noisey:

I’m not a nerd whose thirst for authenticity causes me to huff, arms crossed with my hands under my armpits whenever anyone co-opts any little thing ever, and I’m not an Oompa-Loompa representing the Buzzkill Guild. Promise. But whenever I look at an Internet full of (mostly) white people doing a bastardized version of a dance that has the same name as another dance (and lest we forget, is named after fucking Harlem), and they’re doing that dance to Trap, a style of EDM that took the name (and some sonic signifiers) of an already-existent style of hip-hop that had a very specific set of sociopolitical implications, and people aren’t finding it at least a little problematic, it makes me feels like I’m taking crazy pills.

Back to the feud, Banks reportedly put up her version without permission from Baauer and Mad Decent. It’s classic he-said-she-said, but then it gets a little more entertaining. Banks decided to continue to shoot herself in the foot by referring to Baauer as a “faggoot.” Banks was to originally appear on “Harlem Shake,” but Baauer apparently didn’t like her rhymes. Via Pitchfork:

“She laid something on 'Harlem Shake’ and it was so/so. Didn’t love it,” he said. “And that was a little while ago, and since all this video stuff happened, our plans all changed. Because of that, we decided to just release the song on its own with no vocal version. So we told her, 'Please don’t release your version.’ And she said, 'Well, I’m going to put it online anyway.’ And we said, 'Please don’t. We’d really like it if you didn’t.’ And she did.”

Ugh, whatever. Please just make it stop. Okay, let’s check out her version for the hell of it.


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