Before the world gets too wrapped up in the growing popularity of DJ culture, it seems necessary to take a step back and rethink a) if there is a bit too much hype surrounding the trend and b) if this hype can even translate into tried-and-true formats of exploitation. Well, all you true heads out there can rest easy because Simon Cowell has scrapped his bewildering sham of a show, DJ Idol. However, before you applaud Mr. Cowell for realizing that a DJ competition show makes absolutely no sense (the show would have to be at least 10-hours long to accomodate DJ Harvey), know that it was ultimately because of the money that the concept won’t be moving forward. Via Fact Mag:

Cowell allegedly wanted top billing in the credits, whereas production partners Overbrook Entertainment – the TV company owned by Hollywood stars Will and Jada Smith – refused to budge. In the paper’s source’s words, “It’s not happening anymore because of Simon”. An alternative source claimed that there were “deal points that couldn’t be worked out”, although denied that production credits were the issue. For now, at least, it appears The Decks Factor won’t be troubling our screens any time soon.

(sigh of relief)

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