The enigma that is Bad Brains frontman HR gets unraveled a little bit over at Noisecreep. Among his surprising revelations, he’s down with Usher and Janet Jackson. Via Noisecreep:

Says HR on the Bad Brains’ musical DNA: “I give that respect and credentials to being a listener and appreciator of good sounding music by Stanley Clarke and also brothers like David Bowie along with the Clash, James Brown, and the ever so popular Stevie Wonder. Not to mention the tradition of innovative and finely recorded sounds and hardcore music.” As far as any current music that may have inspired him, HR inexplicably mentions Janet Jackson, Usher and the “high-powered sounds” of Ziggy Marley.

Here’s an interview with HR from Sunset Junction in 2010.

And check out this old interview with Bad Brains (no HR) on Headbanger’s Ball circa 1990.

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