Via The Stool Pigeon:

The December/January issue of The Stool Pigeon was the final issue. A catch-22: I wanted to do much more online, but the newspaper sucked up nearly all our resources and time. It’s proved impossible to do both as well as we’d like and, to be frank, we’re knackered.

We haven’t gone bust. We will settle outstanding invoices and, subscribers, you will be reimbursed via PayPal for issues that you have paid for upfront and will now not receive. Thank you for your support.

I reserve the right to come back and do something with this site, hopefully alongside my distinguished deputy editor Alex Denney, but not unless we can find a way to fund things properly. I still love doing what we do, and perhaps what I’m trying to say is that running out 60,000 copies of a free newspaper six times a year and distributing them to 100 cities/towns across the UK has become untenable, and also increasingly less effective and exciting than publishing journalism online.

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