Members of Kombo Kolombia – a Mexican band with influences from Colombian folk music – were found dead Sunday evening, the victims of an apparent kidnapping and mass murder. All 12 band members along with eight members of their staff were kidnapped Friday night after playing a private party at a “ranch in Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo León.” One member of the band, who managed to escape, lead authorities to a well where the bodies were discovered. This has become another sad example of violence permeating the Mexican regional music scene. Via Billboard:

On Monday, authorities were still working to extract bodies from the deep well. According to reports, one member of the group managed to escape and led police to the site. His declarations have not been made public.

No suspects or motive for the kidnappings and killings has been mentioned by the authorities, according to Mexican press.

The shocking news of the deaths of the Kombo Kolombia band members is the latest violent tragedy involving Regional Mexican music artists. Popular singer Valentin Elizalde was executed in his car after a concert in 2006; Sergio Vega “El Shaka,” Sergio Gomez, vocalist of the band K-Paz, and the singer Zayda Peña Ariona were other victims in recent years of the violence surrounding the genre.

The motive for the violent crime has officials puzzled. Via The New York Times

It is not unusual for drug gangs in Mexico to kill or assault musicians, especially those who play so-called narcocorridos that glorify the criminal underworld and end up offending well-armed listeners. A number of cities have banned that kind of music because of the violence that can accompany it.

But Kombo Kolombia was not known for that kind of music, favoring romantic, accordion-tinged folk ballads with titles like “Only You Make Me Happy.

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