Greenpeace (via Riot Fest & Louder Than War):

When Paul Simonon, former bassist for The Clash, told Frank Heweston, action coordinator for Greenpeace UK, that he wanted to join a Greenpeace ship’s crew and make a stand against Arctic oil drilling, Frank told him that if he wanted the real experience, he couldn’t join the ship as a rock star passenger.

He’d need to become a member of the crew, and earn his acceptance. He’d need to take a lowly job—assistant cook would do nicely, and not tell anyone who he was. He’d need to scrub toilets and swab decks…

At one point an impromptu jam session broke out in the ship’s lounge, and Paul was asked if he played. He grabbed a guitar and Martin Bowley, one of the crew who played with him, remembers with deep chagrin telling the professional bass player he was “not bad” and ought to pursue music…

Paul joined the action in the Arctic to demand Cairn oil produce their oil spill response plan, which they had refused to make public. On June 3, he braved firehoses and a gruelling climb to board the Leiv Eriksson oil rig with 17 other activists. In the frigid arctic waters, an oil spill even a fraction of the size of the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico would be devastating, and far harder to contain.

Cairn refused to make their disaster plan public.

The activists refused to budge until it was provided.

It was then that the Greenland police arrested Paul and the other activists and tossed them into jail…

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