Elbows, one of the most popular avenues to peruse music blogs from 2005 on, is shutting down. It feels like the end of an era. Via Elbows:

But of all of the things that Elbows gave us over the years, the thing that we are most grateful for are the friends that we made in the music blogging community. Bloggers, artists, labels, promotors. On Twitter, at SXSW, at bars in New York. These people who sacrificed their time to bring their perspective on music to the world at no charge are some of the greatest, most interesting people we’ve ever known. They have been more than supportive over the years and we look forward to knowing them for years to come.

With a heavy heart, however, we feel it’s time to turn off the bot. It’s not an easy decision, but a few factors have proven hard to overcome. We get more DMCA notices these days than ever before (mostly regrading photos, believe it or not) and our advertising has dried up. Google doesn’t appreciate our aggregation as it once did.

They added,

Thanks again for all of your support and we hope to see you in future ventures.

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