Will Sheff from Okkervil River isn’t delusional. He isn’t making any grand claims as to how Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show are the most underrated band ever, but he is trying to make a very strong case for their overlooked performance on German tv circa 1974. Via Gawker:

It’s also, in the bargain, a quasi-documentary on the hazards of excessive drug use, although what drugs exactly Dr. Hook (every member of Dr. Hook) was on during the taping is up for debate. Lotsa booze, I was told by the first person who clued me in to this DVD and implored me to seek it out. Grass and hash, laughed our drummer Travis when we watched it a year later. Mushrooms, insisted my friends in the band Ladyhawk when they stayed over at Travis’s house and we forced them to watch it. Cocaine, said the fourth group of people I forced to watch it. Pills, said the tenth. The only thing I can say for sure is that whatever they were on—and in whatever combination—they were on a lot of it!

Yeah, wait, this is awesome. Can someone buy us a copy?

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