Via MTV Hive:

In 2006, I ran into an ex-girlfriend’s friend at a TV on the Radio show in downtown Seattle. This was awkward enough on its own — I had no interest in talking to my ex’s friend in the first place. Then came the actual conversation:

Ex’s Friend: Oh, hey man! How are you? I kinda thought you’d be here!

Me: I’m doing OK, I guess. Yeah, I couldn’t miss this show. TV on the Radio are so great.

Ex’s Friend: I figured you would love these guys.

Me: Why’s that?

Ex’s Friend: Well, because you’re black and you like indie music.

It wasn’t malicious, but it prompted me to do some serious thinking about stereotypes. Forget that I really liked TV on the Radio, that they actually were one of my favorite bands, and that Young Liars is still my favorite-ever EP. Why would anyone assume that just because someone falls under the category of Black People Who Enjoy Noisy and/or Weird Guitar Music, they are a TV on the Radio fan? Is every white hip-hop fan required to own a copy of The Marshall Mathers LP? Does every gender studies major have a framed poster of Kathleen Hanna on their wall?

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