Or he might be selling furniture to promote wrestling. Either way, here’s an ad featuring Billy Corgan and wrestlers from his Resistance Pro promotion – yes, Corgan owns a wrestling promotion – in an ad for Chicago-area furniture store Walter E. Smithe. Via Loudwire:

Billy Corgan launched Resistance Pro wrestling with brothers Jacques and Gabe Baron in November 2011. Since its inception, wrestling legends such as The Sheik, Raven, Colt Cabana and Teddy Hart have graced the threshold of Resistance Pro, and although the promotion acts as the main focus for Corgan’s new commercial, the ad eventually reveals itself to be for Walter E. Smithe furniture.

We’ve all played musical chairs in our youth, and both casual and seasoned musical chairs competitors understand the intensity which exists within the game. Thus, when Billy Corgan bested another musical chairs challenger, an all-out brawl took place in the middle of the squared circle. Though Corgan stood outside the ropes maniacally enjoying the impromptu fight, he was forced to quench the in-ring fire as an ill-faded wrestler was about to smash a lovely Walter E. Smithe chair over an enemy. “Wait!,” Corgan warned. “That’s a Walter E. Smithe chair.”

Um, yeah. Here it is.

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