Village Voice:

“All love, no hate,” goes the unofficial slogan of popular, partially NYC-based blog the Music Slut, which nonetheless has lately suffered some profound internal calamity, leading to the abrupt departure of writer/editor Matt Gross in what he calls an out-of-nowhere hijacking and what his former partner, site co-founder Jennifer Kellas, calls the amicable end of several years of conflict. It’s a cutthroat industry, folks, or at least more of a cutthroat industry than you’d expect…

On Thursday evening at 9PM EST, my ex-partner hijacked The Music Slut and changed all passwords and or blocked me from the following: posting on The Music Slut, updating hosting on The Music Slut, its Gmail account, its Twitter account, its MySpace account, its Facebook account, so on and so forth.

The usual onslaught of omnidirectional Internet bickering ensued; as for Kellas, she tersely announced the move on the blog itself, sent it into reruns for the holiday weekend, and returned to usual business Tuesday morning without much fanfare. (Matt, meanwhile, seemed to personally thank every single person on Twitter who spoke out in his defense, made some noise about taking legal action, and prepped (remarkably quickly!) a new project he’ll apparently unveil today…

The Music Slut’s new site, A Heart Is A Spade:

Hello to all.

You may know me from elsewhere.

You may not.

Either way, this is my brand new endeavor.

Lots more very soon.

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