First of all, the rumor spinning wildly around the tubes yesterday that Bowie is NEVER TOURING AGAIN are false. So breathe. Comments by his longtime producer Tony Visconti were, apparently, misrepresented by Pitchfork, at least according to Visconti himself:

I never said Bowie would never perform live again. Pitchfork made that up. He won’t tour for this album — that’s all I said.

Moving on, The Guardian has an excellent behind-the-scenes on the making of The Next Day. Sly devil he is, even the head of Bowie’s label (Sony Music Label Group) didn’t know about the record until a month ago.

Tony Visconti, who says he only finished work on the album last week and wasn’t expecting it to be announced on Tuesday – “I thought they were just going to put out a single” – also seems delighted to be rid of two years of subterfuge, non-disclosure agreements and, as he bluntly puts it, “bare-faced lies”.

And, of course, The Quietus has a very nice think piece that considers the return of the Duke…

There’s old music, there’s new music, and there’s David Bowie. If you are not jubilant, or at least mildly intrigued, by his return from behind the curtain, you are making your cosmos smaller than it needs to be.

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