Youth Museum is a new short documentary about Bradford Cox and it’s either semi-genius or really self-indulgent. Via Pigeons & Planes:

That was on full display yesterday at MoMa PS1, at the premiere of Youth Museum, a short biographical documentary directed by Grant Singer and commissioned by Riot of Perfume magazine. As you’d expect from a documentary without narration supported by a magazine called Riot of Perfume, Youth Museum is juuuust a tad indulgent: Cox laying in bed looking like he’s about to keel over, Cox inspecting the pumpkin stock at a Halloween market, Cox going thrift store shopping. But it’s also funny and entertaining, and evocative of the South of yesterday and today: watching sunsets through kudzu, visiting strip malls for bored kicks, drinking wine and playing old 45s on the porch. Cox has undeniable charisma, and more talent in his pinkie than most of Brooklyn combined, as evidenced by the a cappela version of “The Moonshiner” he belts out in a graveyard. How’s that for Southern gothic?

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