Well, that’s it. Twenty year-old Alex Ambrose from suburban Cleveland is my new hero. It seems like young Alex has become a bit of a local celebrity for dressing like an ‘80s rocker and walking to McDonald’s and Starbucks. Via New Net 5:

BRUNSWICK, Ohio – Drive down Route 303 in Brunswick any day of the week and there’s a strong possibility you’ll see his big hair and ripped threads strutting down the sidewalk.

Alex Ambrose, who many have dubbed the Brunswick ‘80s guy, is an ‘80s soul trapped inside a 20-year-old body. His typical jaunt takes him down this main strip with stops at Starbucks and McDonald’s for a sweet tea. He lives about 4.5 miles from those stops totaling at least nine miles a day to get his java/iced tea fix. He walks the same route several times a week.

But it gets better. Not only do people run out of their workplaces and lean out of cars to cheer him on, he also has a whole crew of permanently cosplaying weirdo homeboys.

He continues to gain attention with his friends, who join him on his walks every now and then. And when they do, they go all out. Each of his friends dress as a different character. The group he labels the “B-Team” includes a guy dressed in a suit of armor, another guy dressed in a military ghillie suit and a third guy dressed as Raiden from Mortal Kombat.

Apparently the women of Brunswick aren’t feeling his look, however.

Ambrose said he loves the ‘80s hair-metal lifestyle because of “the music and the chicks.” However, he doesn’t think everyone agrees with his stance. “The girls out here don’t like the way I look,” he said.

Alex, the women of Brunswick don’t know what they’re missing. You’d clearly rock them like a hurricane.

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