Former Wailers drummer Bunny Wailer has taken Snoop Dogg/Lion to task for his “conversion” to Rastafarianism, calling it a “fraudulent” ploy to sell records. Via NME:

Bunny Wailer claims that the forthcoming Snoop Lion album 'Reincarnated’ and a documentary of the same name are “fraudulent” and is threatening legal action against the rapper. Wailer claims Snoop has engaged in “outright fraudulent use of Rastafari Community’s personalities and symbolism” and that he has also failed to meet “contractual, moral and verbal commitments”.

A Rastafarian community group, the Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council, also known as the Rastafari Millennium Council, have also taken Snoop to task, sending him a seven page list of demands.

The document was obtained by TMZ and includes them telling the rapper that; “smoking weed and loving Bob Marley and reggae music is not what defines the Rastafari Indigenous Culture!”

The Rastafari Council are seeking fulfillment of the “financial and moral support” they claim Snoop committed to but as well as a public apology.

Snoop played his first concert as Snoop Lion in Toronto in August.

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