Business Week: Indie Music’s Hipster Heaven:

Pitchfork.tv, like the Web site, is intended to make money. These days, advertisers aplenty drool over Pitchfork’s 18-to-34-year-old demographic. Although many Pitchfork users have a hipster’s disdain for the mainstream and for big corporations, the company has no qualms about selling space to the likes of Toyota Motor™ and American Apparel (APP). Its only rule is that ads cannot distract readers with pop-ups, sound, or interactivity. Net ad consultants estimate the site pulls in at least $5 million a year. Kaskie says only that revenue has grown by an explosive 70% each of the past four years.

On Pitchfork’s 1-to-10 scale, that performance would merit a 9.5.

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