Buy or Lease Bjork’s House

We’re not an episode of Cribs or Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous around here, but it is kind of fun to check out the digs of famous musicians (who don’t rent out Lamborghinis for photo shoots) once in a while. For pics of Björk’s Hudson River getaway, in Al Pacino’s, Mikhail Baryshnikov’s, and Billy Murray’s neighborhood, go here.

Björk Moving to Brooklyn Heights

We first caught wind of this rumor last week and have finally gotten enough confirmation that we feel comfortable posting it: Avant-garde pop star Bjork and artist husband Matthew Barney are in contract on a rather phat pad in Brooklyn Heights. In the name of privacy, that’s all we’re gonna say and ask that commenters refrain from posting the address if they know it. Stick to welcoming two more world-class artists to Brooklyn.

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