photo by Aaron Richter


In lieu of any over-analytic write-ups, here are some Saturday photos of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony (Krazie, Lazy and Wish promoting their upcoming full-group record, Uni-5: The World’s Enemy, by half-rapping over most of their hits and struggling to harmonize live in any capacity—thank god for vocal tracks) and Salem (who were barraged with boos only a few songs into their set and subsequently left the stage).

The Fader:

I did get to see Salem play once during SXSW, at our space. They were booed off stage. That is, because, unfortunately, honestly, they were not good. But that “good” needs so many asterisks and quotation marks that it barely exists as a measure of worth. The show was outside, during the day. The smoke machine suffered because of the wind, its effects blown backwards behind the tented stage. The sound was crisp and when Jack rapped, you could hear it clearly, which is not a good thing. There was no slowing down the speed, no frying the smooth edges, no haze from which to emerge. Salem’s ingenuity comes in the invention of its own creation myth. Played clean, there is no mystery. Even if they feel no partiality to a hidden agenda, their music deserves a shrouding daylight does not deliver. Turns out the truth is a detriment to their story.


Hipster Runoff:

After reading reports that Salem was booed off stage at the Fader Fort during SXSW, seemed like it was time to search youtube for their performances 2 see if they truly ’suck.’ I think I have read about Salem in blogs and web magazines, but probably tried to listen and ended up turning it off when it got weird. I think they have some sort of ‘goth’ brand.

You can see in the above video that the band is ‘really boring’ as one bro drums on a pad, then the other bro plays minimal keys on a synth. The lead singer lady just sort of half asses vocals and sways back and forth. I wonder why they were booed off stage. They at least look ‘kinda cool.’ Also look like they might turn into vampires and murder u in a modern Lost Boys remake [via Corey Haim and Corey Feldman].

Video of Salem from a different show, the IAMSOUND party:

If anyone has a video of the Fader “performance” please send it to tips [at] thedailyswarm.com

Thanks to Micheal Baggs.

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