In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Chris Mollere, the man behind the music on shows including Pretty Little Liars and the Vampire Diaries, tells how television and movie spots may be the best thing for emerging artists:

“The music industry is in limbo right now,” he continued, “And I think film and TV placements are a really important part of the solution. Music supervision is going to be a very huge part of the music industry. We need to allow creative people to be creative and by using their music in television shows, everyone benefits.”

Uncovering new hits is a huge part of the business when making a teen drama. Already, Mollere has successfully pushed the careers of the bands Temper Trap and Airborne Toxic with his cleverly-chosen placements. He put Florence and the Machine on Vampire Diaries, months later, they were filling arenas. It’s a process that gets results, and gets them fast.

“TV moves quickly,” he said. “We’re probably mixing one episode of a show each week.”

“On a lot of projects that isn’t the case, but on TV the turnaround is so quick that we can feature a song even before it’s been released.”

And for Mollere, it’s more than just a job, it’s a passion. He’s a fan first, after all.

“My big goal is to keep artists as artists,” he said. “I don’t want artists to be working in a coffee shop or selling real estate. They need to be making music. If they can be working as musicians that means there will be better music out there for everybody.”

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