It’s not the fat, bulky bright yellow cassette model I rocked as a kid, that’s for sure. All Things D:

You may or may not remember the days of Walkmans, but the music players are still kicking around. They just look completely different and don’t accept cassette tapes anymore.

Today, Sony introduced the latest additions to its Walkman series, the F800 and E470. The Walkman F800 runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, so not only can it act as your entertainment device, you can also use it for email, Web browsing or casual gaming.

The player features a 3.5-inch touchscreen and has a dedicated button so you can quickly jump to the music player from any app. The F800 features technology to cut distortion for clearer audio quality and is Bluetooth-enabled in case you want to connect wirelessly to Bluetooth speakers.

Meanwhile, the Walkman E470 is more of a straight music player but includes some fun extras like preloaded Tetris and Sudoku games and karaoke mode. It has a 2-inch display and measures just 0.27 inch thick.

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