Some people thought it was in questionable taste for Pitchfork to interview Chief Keef, the felonious breakout star from Chicago’s drill scene, at a gun range. Keef’s music is almost hyper-violent, his hometown of Chicago is in the middle of a gang violence epidemic, and Keef himself has been convicted of gun charges, making the whole thing seem a little tacky and exploitative.

It turns out the interview wasn’t just a bad choice. It was actually legal. By holding a gun during the interview, Keef violated his probation. Now, Cook County prosecutors are gunning for him. Via Chicago Sun Times:

Prosecutors pointed to the recorded promotional interview the rapper did in June at a gun range in New York, where he can be seen with a rifle. That’s a violation, prosecutors said, because his probation bans him from having any guns or illegal drugs or associating with gang members.

Chief Keef also didn’t get his GED by the August deadline set in his probation — another violation, prosecutors said.

Chief Keef’s attorney, Berkson, acknowledged the gun range video was “stupid” but argued it was not his client’s fault because he was simply listening to advice from adults.

Berkson also apologized for the delay on the GED. He said the rapper was working on it and had switched tutors because he was living in California recently while he was recording songs for Interscope Records.

The 17 year-old Keef hit Twitter and responded to the latest legal challenge by saying exactly what you’d expect him to.

“Prosecutors want me back in jail?! I aint going!!!! ... IM out here tryin to get this money & they wanna stop me from shining!!!”

More jail time? That’s some shit he don’t like.

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