Chicago Sun Times: Correction: That would be Lez Zeppelin at Bonnaroo, not Led Zeppelin:

Several media outlets — including the Associated Press, Britain’s NME and the Sun-Times — reported early this morning some very exciting news: that Led Zeppelin was finally booked for a stateside gig at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Problem is — it’s not happening.

The actual band booked for the festival — and trumpeted atop yesterday’s lineup press release — is Lez Zeppelin. That would be the all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band.

Rumors had been circulating for months that Led Zeppelin would make its stateside landfall at the Bonnaroo festival.

Jim DeRogatis:

Contrary to what it says in the paper edition of the Sun-Times today, Led Zeppelin is NOT playing at Bonnaroo. Lez Zeppelin, however, is.

My esteemed Sun-Times music editor, whose name shall go unmentioned here (you’re welcome, Thomas), is not the only music editor who made this mistake.

How could this have happened? The press release was misleading, to say the least.

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