Ok, so maybe the since-removed Pitchfork feature filmed at a New York gun range was more than a factor in a Judge Carl Anthony Walker’s decision. In fact, it was the factor that decided Keef’s fate. Walker ruled that Keef, born Keith Cozart, violated his probation by attending the gun range and has since been jailed for the offense. Via The Chicago Sun Times:

Prosecutors said he violated his probation in June when he visited a gun range in New York. He was prohibited by the judge from having contact with firearms. His attorney Dennis Berkson argued Cozart fired a rifle on private property as part of a promotional video. He said that didn’t violate the spirit of the judge’s order.

But Walker said it was no different than if Cozart handled a gun in a home. In that situation, he would have violated Cozart’s parole, the judge said.

Even though this setback won’t do too much damage to the rapper’s public image, hopefully it will be an awakening following the release of his successful debut album, Finally Rich.

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