Now this is going to sound insane, but apparently young people are flocking to venues around the country to see “DJs” make music with computers and keyboards, rather than going to see traditional bands. Thankfully the cutting-edge cultural journalists at the Christian Science Monitor were able to sort it all out for us. Via Christian Science Monitor:

Dance club DJs have long led the way in introducing new sounds in electronic music with pulsating rhythms, white noise, and visual effects such as strobe lighting. Some DJs are so successful in their art that they develop followings as they move from club to club. But lately, DJs have helped to catapult manipulated dance music into the mainstream – filling stadiums instead of the hidden warehouses of “rave” parties of the 1990s. No longer a countercultural phenomenon, electronic dance music (EDM) has become big business. Very big business.

Thank you, Christian Science Monitor. Now if only we can figure out who this Skrillex girl is and why folks all seem to like her so gosh darn much.

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