Writer Hadley Freeman dutifully studies the inaugural voyage of SS Coachella and her component parts, and comes up with at least half of one solid ‘WTF?’ Read it over at The Guardian:

“If someone told us 15 years ago we’d be singing this on a cruise,” mused Cocker about Common People – a song about those who pretend to be prolier than they are, now sung to a roomful of people rocking out less than a stone’s throw from various duty-free Estée Lauder and Bulgari concession stands – “I’d have said, are you sure?”

An Inception onion blossom waking nightmare?

The problematic part of the equation of SS Coachella was not Coachella but the cruise. SS Coachella was extremely fun but cruises are, quite frankly, ridiculous and no amount of many supremely hipster activities such as “wine tasting with James Murphy” (of LCD Soundsystem) and “nail art with Alexis from the Sleigh Bells”, which the Coachella people might gamely put on the schedule disguise this, especially if you have to walk past a store selling Chanel handbags every time you leave your room.

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