Former lead singer of the Smiths, Morrissey, is claiming that the Coachella festival offered him a 100% vegetarian event in exchange for a reunion with Smiths guitarist, Johnny Marr. Morrissey complained that it reeked of “burning flesh” after his 2009 performance at the festival. Via The Herald Sun:

Q: At Coachella a few years you complained about the waft of burning flesh from a nearby barbeque. Has that been a problem since at outdoor shows?

A: Not at all, and interestingly the agents for Coachella offered a 100-per-cent vegetarian event for the following year if I would agree to headline with Johnny Marr as the Smiths. Fascinatingly they made it clear that they would ‘not require’ the Smiths’ bass player or drummer… which I thought certainly said something.

It isn’t entirely unbelievable that organizers would make such a drastic change, given how coveted a Smiths’ reunion would is for fans. Via Fact Mag:

In an age of high profile musical reunions, The Smiths still seems to be the holy grail, with new rumours springing up every few months of a potential reunion. Guitarist Marr seems keen, commenting in the past that he’d get the band back together if the Liberal Democrats-Conservatives coalition government stands down, but Morrissey’s rarely appeared to share his enthusiasm.

Watch a clip of Morrissey talking about his beloved vegetarianism below.

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