Lately, there’s been a resurgence of bleeding-raw techno emerging out of the UK. Owing as much to the hard techno scene of the ’90s as Throbbing Gristle, the future looks bright for analog-driven darkness. Via Resident Advisor:

Perhaps the most visible proponents of this re-emergent sound are the duo of Jamie Roberts and Arthur Cayzer, AKA Karenn. Both came up as solo entities in the wake of dubstep—Roberts as Blawan, Cayzer as Pariah—and were initially known for garage- and house-inflected hybrids for labels like Hessle Audio and R&S. Blawan has since followed his muse into far darker climes, refining the aggy inclinations of his earlier work (see 2011’s “Bohla”) into a unique and hugely popular take on warehouse techno. The Karenn project pushes things even further. The project’s second EP, Sheworks 004, released late last year on the pair’s own imprint, features six alien-sounding analogue techno cuts that both echo and radically overhaul the soot-blackened sound of the mid-'90s. What’s most striking is the audience for this music: often young émigrés from the post-dubstep dispersal, for whom techno of any form—let alone of such an uncompromising kind—is an entirely new experience.

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