Via Pitchfork, news that Matador will be reissuing the first record from Boston’s Come, Eleven : Eleven, originally released in 1992. As Matador put it:

Way back in 1993, when things like newsstands and magazines still existed, Entertainment Weekly’s David Browne called ‘Eleven : Eleven’, the first album from Boston’s Come, “enthralling, like watching someone howl into a rainstorm.” The album in question was the result of a collision between Boston/New York guitarist/vocalist Thalia Zedek (formerly of Dangerous Birds, Uzi and Live Skull), Oberlin product / guitar wizard Chris Brokaw, and one of the more powerful rhythm sections of the last half century, drummer Arthur Johnson and bassist Sean O’Brien.

The group will also be touring behind the reissue — a jaunt that the Windish Agency is booking, at least according to a little bird. Dates have yet to be released.

Never (ever) to be outdone, The Quietus spoke with bandmembers Chris Brokaw and Thalia Zedek:

We were both playing fairly esoteric music at the time – she was in Live Skull; I was drumming in a band called 7 Or 8 Wormhearts that had two singers and two tuba players! We were both interested in doing something that involved more traditional rock & roll song writing. We were especially drawn to The Rolling Stones, the Gun Club, the Only Ones, the Jacobites and the Birthday Party and all their spinoffs. We didn’t want to deliberately be like any of those bands; but that neighbourhood was a rough reference point.

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