It’s no shocker that the biggest story of the past few years has been the evolution of EDM into a full-fledged mainstream money maker. You must have been under a large rock with noise-canceling headphones to miss that, but far from the goofy PSAs, very real reports of ravers in danger are also on the rise. With the development of all-night parties filling stadiums instead of warehouses, safety precautions have not kept up. Via “The Los Angeles Times“:

Before Sasha overdosed, four people had died after attending Coliseum and Sports Arena raves, and three died elsewhere, the coroners’ reports show. Six more deaths occurred during or shortly after subsequent raves in Nevada, Texas and Michigan. Rotella and Gerami put on all of the productions, together or separately.

In Sasha’s case, an insurance carrier for Rotella’s company paid her family $175,000 to settle a negligence lawsuit. The Insomniac insurance policy also covered the Coliseum’s liability. An insurer for the former Coliseum manager charged with taking bribes from Rotella paid the family a settlement of $15,000 because of his role in the 2010 rave.

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