At this point in his career, R. Kelly is embracing his versatility. It used to be that he would catch flack for switching it up so often, but now it’s starting to all come together for his upcoming album, Black Panties. This interview may have dropped a little bit ago, but we would like to reiterate: R. KELLY IS WORKING ON COUNTRY MUSIC. Via Vibe:

The genius of 46-year-old singer/songwriter/producer Robert Sylvester Kelly is in his otherworldly ambition. “I’ve really been writing a lot of country songs,” says the Chicago native. He’s serious. “I used to get criticized for doing a ‘Bump & Grind’ then turning around and doing a gospel song. But the truth is I’m glad I have a gift that allows me to switch lanes.” Kelly embracing his inner Johnny Cash should not be taken as some Snoop Lion switch up.

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