From last week, the online legal knowledge repository Lexology reports on case No. C12–0841RSL., 2012 WL 5947638. That’s the one wherein the copyrights to “certain songs” (no word on which or how many) by George Clinton be transferred to a court-appointed receiver and sold, in order to pay off the $1 million in legal fees Clinton owes the law firm Hendricks & Lewis, which represented him in several cases throughout the United States.

In light of its findings, the court held that the songs must be transferred to a receiver and that they should be sold to satisfy the judgment owed to Hendricks & Lewis for the over 1 million dollars of legal work they previously provided to Mr. Clinton.

Oh, and an important note: Clinton doesn’t really own the songs in question:

… the court found that the original author was Warner Music, which is a corporate entity and not protected by the provision. Moreover, even if Clinton were the original author, he only currently owned the copyright interests pursuant to a settlement agreement between him and Warner. Mr. Clinton had already divested himself of his rights when he transferred the copyrights to Warner and was only an assignee now, not an author.

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