If you are at all familiar with combining “Los Angeles” and “music” into one phrase, then chances are you’ve been to a Low End Theory party or two. What started as a captive audience for acts such as Flying Lotus and the Gaslamp Killer has become a proving ground for the next generation of LA producers. Founder and Alpha Pup label head Daddy Kev reflects on what Low End Theory is at its core. Via Red Bull Music Academy:

Sometimes when people talk to me about LET (Low End Theory), my easiest analogy is to say Mo’ Wax Part Two. That’s what it kind of is in my mind. I think people like DJ Shadow, DJ Krush and all that early Headz stuff really is an essential part of our vocabulary, perhaps the most essential. I think it’s important to identify the key influences in a movement, and without Endtroducing it’s arguable whether or not the beat scene would have ever come to fruition.

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