Sometimes you find awesome talent in the most unexpected places, such is the case of Storm Queen producer Morgan Geist and his subway performer vocalist, Damon C. Scott. Via The Huffington Post:

While many would just pass by Scott or get wrapped up in the novelty of such a tender voice coming from such a large figure, DJ and producer Morgan Geist sees Scott as the powerful asset that he is, particularly when it comes to his own productions.

Geist is perhaps most famous as one half of the production duo Metro Area with his cohort, Darsharn Jesrani. You could throw out classifications like house, disco or even boogie when discussing the duo’s catalog, but we’re trying to avoid that, remember? Through a couple of fated connections, Geist sought out Scott and asked him to contribute vocals for his Storm Queen project to be released on his Environ Records imprint.

Listen to Storm Queen’s “Let’s Make Mistakes” below.

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