I realize it’s hard to feel too sorry for Britney Spears, given that she was the best-paid woman in music last year, but by the standards of the super rich, Britney has had a bit of a rough go of things.

Apparently, Dave Grohl thinks she hasn’t had it hard enough, and needlessly took shots at her on Chelsea Lately after she failed to land a gig at a Las Vegas casino. Via Kerrang!:

He quipped: “She just kinda seems dead inside, like there’s nothing behind her eyes. Like there’s nothing in her boobs anymore!”

Grohl also stuck the boot into Beyoncé’s half-time show at the Super Bowl show, accusing the pop megastar’s track ‘Single Ladies’ of being reminiscent of a TV show theme.

“Am I the only one that realizes that that’s basically a rewrite of the theme from The Jeffersons?,” he joked.

Look, we don’t want to get all preachy and “Leave Britney alone” here, but come on Dave. You’re a talented dude. You can do better than this.

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